Our mission is simple; to deliver the highest level of service with the highest quality of video images captured with the latest drone technology and photography equipment. Our team is Transport Canada Certified Advanced Commercial Drone Operators, with hundreds of hours of flight experience, supporting a broad range of projects from simple residential videos to capturing weddings, event, business, commercial and  applications for promotional video’s required for corporate events, golf course mapping, surveillance and inspections.
We can fly in areas where other drone operators cannot. We can operate in controlled airspace, over people at an events, fly within feet of people, active track and perform night flights. Some of our operations could require a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for your project which we are able to apply on your behalf.
SentinelFX, operates drones capturing images and video in stunning 4K UHD. Our drones have a configurable payload allowing us to adapt the camera to specific project applications. Need still photography? we can capture portraits, interior shots, and any custom images with out resources.
We provide a team which includes the pilot, a visual observer and the production director. Our team is experienced in managing the requirements of your project from the initial concept (idea) production, post-production and final production.
If you own a drone, but due to the recent regulation changes (as of June 1st 2019), and are unable to fly, we offer a Contract Flight Service (CFS). We also offer sound production for media which is authentic to your needs. Contact us for custom sounds and beats for your videos.
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